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Challenges for more remote coastal communities

The Durness Development Group is a community company in Durness, the most north westerly village in the Highlands, with a population of around 400. The New Economics Foundation heard from the group about its struggle to access finance to build a small community tidal harbour and a pier.

The Durness Development Group has plans to develop the local economy and create local opportunities by making the most of its geographic position, which it says, is a missing link for leisure boats crossing the area. But it currently lacks the necessary infrastructure and the community has no safe access to the sea.

Like other communities in the country, the local population in Durness is shrinking, which poses a challenge to its economic future. Several families have moved away for work and the local school has gone from 27 to 10 pupils.

Find out more about the Durness Development GroupĀ atĀ www.developingdurness.org

Photo: Lee Carson via Flickr