catchbox launch dinner
Catchbox Worthing

Author: Anne Weinhold

Location: Worthing, West Sussex, South East England

Catchbox is a not-for-profit community co-op, completely run by unpaid volunteers. This type of cooperative is known as a “Community Supported Fishery”.

Catchbox operates in Brighton & Hove, and Worthing. Catchbox Worthing promotes the traditional, small-scale fishing in the local area, raising awareness of the diminishing trade. As we haven’t got a harbour, boats are still being pushed off the beach manually, which only a handful of fishers do nowadays.

As a food buying group, we work with small-scale fishers who use responsible methods, so that we can enjoy delicious, locally caught seafood with a clear conscience.

We get a regular supply of seafood straight from the local fisher, over a 10 to 12 week period, after paying for a share of the fisher’s catch. Members sign up in advance of every season and make their payment into the co-op. This way we can ensure regular payments for the fishers, even if there is a week where they cannot go out to sea.

Members can choose whether they want whole fish on a weekly or fortnightly basis; enough for two or family size. Although members won’t get to choose what fish they’ll be getting as it depends on what our fishermen catch that day, that’s all part of the fun! We can guarantee that it will be fresh, local, responsibly sourced and utterly delicious.

We hope that through Catchbox we can encourage residents to eat more locally and sustainably caught fish, meet the fishers to talk about their work and views of the fishing industry, share meals and learn more about the seasons in the ocean.