Isle of Mull, Eagle by Jacob Spinks, Flickr
Eco-tourism in the Isle of Mull

Author: New Economics Foundation

Location: Inner Hebrides, Scotland

The Isle of Mull is the second largest island of the Inner Hebrides (after Skye), off the west coast of Scotland in the council area of Argyll and Bute. Ecotourism, in particular, has become very popular in Mull in recent years and the re-introduction of white-tailed eagles in 2005 can partly explain why.

The RSPB estimates that, based on tourists’ interest in visiting Mull for its amazing bird species alone, the economic contribution of wildlife tourism is up to £5 million of tourist spend on the island every year, supporting 110 jobs and £1.4 million of local income.  As well as being a prime area for experiencing iconic Scottish wildlife like Golden Eagles and Red Deer, Mull also has a host of coastal and marine wildlife drawing people to the island.

There are a number of different dedicated tours and visitor opportunities based around sea eagles, otters, seals, whales, dolphins and porpoises, seabirds (especially puffins), and basking sharks. These in turn support a lot of the local industry, and jobs, directly and indirectly.