Venus Company
Loving the beach

Author: The Venus Company

Location: South West England

The Venus Company uses the strap line ‘Loving the Beach’ to define itself. As part of its business ethos, it tries to balance its customers’ needs with environmental and social considerations. The six existing Venus cafés and shops are located at some of the most beautiful beaches and locations in Devon and Cornwall, in the southwest of England.

Called ‘Venus beaches’, the locations of these cafés and shops allow the company to offer a range of water sports, in addition to its other services, including stand-up paddle boarding, surfing, kayaking, windsurfing, and boogie boarding. The first Venus Café was opened in March 1995, at Blackpool Sands. The Venus Company is now a year-round business employing 30 staff, which it trains in-house.

Since around 1999, it has centralised its food production to a warehouse in Halwell, reducing food miles, and has purchased environmentally friendly vans to transport between Halwell and the cafés.