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Northumberland Seafood Centre

Author: Julia Aston

Location: Amble, Northumberland, North East England

The Northumberland Seafood Centre is located at Amble Harbour Village, a site designed to help grow local tourism and support the local fishing community.

The idea behind the Northumberland Seafood Centre is to try to take the strain off overfished stocks, introduce customers to new types of fish and seafood and help support the inshore fishing fleet. Supporting the fishers with a whole catch ethos means that they remain sustainable and customers are getting a variety of seafood throughout the season.

The seafood centre was made possible through the Coastal Communities Fund, which also helped Amble set up 15 small retail ‘pods’. The ‘pods’ offer an opportunity for new business ventures and start-ups to have a physical location at minimum risk and cost. The seafood centre aims to aid the sustainability of the local fishing fleet by finding new lucrative markets for the produce as well as selling to the community through direct sales and the newly established Creel Fish Club. Similar to a veg box scheme, the Creel Fish Club will benefit the wider Northumberland community by providing fresh, locally caught fish to a local hub of their choice.

The fishers participating in the scheme are paid a fair market price for their produce and they receive a share of the profits generated.

Amble Harbour Village also provides a waterfront walkway, giving people a direct connection to the sea. Other activities in the harbour area include boat trips to see Puffins, fishing off the Pier or on fishing boat trips, and a selection of places to eat and drink, and shops to browse.