Tidal Energy Ltd., DS on Pembroke Dock
Renewable energy from the tides

Author: Tidal Energy Ltd.

Location: Pembrokeshire, West Wales

Pembrokeshire is a county in southwest Wales with a local economy heavily dependent on tourism. But, in addition to its diverse coastal and marine habitats and wildlife, the county also has great natural resources for marine renewable energy. Tidal Energy Ltd is a company based in Cardiff, Wales, working to generate marine renewable energy, grid-connected to St David’s City in Pembrokeshire.

The company is still in the research and development phase of the technology, but it expects to reach commercial viability and profitability in 2017/2018. Currently, it employs 10 staff based in Cardiff (including 2 based in an additional office in Pembroke Dock). It has also supported about 40 FTE positions for the period of 12 months during the construction period for their prototype.

By 2017, it expects to add 10MW to the grid capacity in the area – typically, enough power to provide energy for up to 10,000 homes – and provide sustainable employment opportunities for local businesses in Pembrokeshire.