Author: Jack Clarke

Location: London

SoleShare is a “Community Supported Fishery” in London – think veg box, but with fish.

Founded by a marine biologist and an aquatic ecologist, SoleShare aims to change the way Londoners buy fish, bringing the freshest, most responsibly sourced seafood the city’s ever seen.

SoleShare works directly with a handful of fishers they know and trust. By buying directly from the source, fishers are paid a fair price for their catch – one that reflects their hard work and responsible fishing practices.

SoleShare follows a ‘catch of the day’ approach, meaning their members get a wide range of local species in their ‘box’. The aim is encourage a more holistic approach to eating seafood, by eating what is in season and caught locally. With a focus on simple preparation & cooking techniques, SoleShare provides weekly recipes and runs filleting workshops to educate and enthuse their members.