Blue New Deal

Good jobs for coastal

communities through

healthy seas

River Medway Fish

Protecting fish and livelihoods in the Medway

Local fishers and regulators create the UK’s largest no-take zone in the River Medway. A unique example of a bottom-up approach to both conservation and fisheries management, ensuring stable protection for the future.

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Author: Tom Clegg, Kent and Essex IFCA

Location:Medway, South East England


Reimagining Margate

Using the town of Margate as their case study, students from Studio 2 of the BA Architecture Course at Central Saint Martin’s were inspired by the Blue New Deal to explore new ideas for living, working and playing by the seaside.

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Author: Central Saint Martin’s Studio 2 Architecture Students


Tidal Energy Ltd., DS on Pembroke Dock

Renewable energy from the tides

Tidal Energy Ltd. is a small company researching, developing the technology and working to generate marine renewable energy from the tides to power up to 10,000 homes. It currently supports 10 direct jobs in Cardiff and Pembroke Dock, Wales.

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Author: Tidal Energy Ltd.

Location:Pembrokeshire, West Wales

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